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Investment Banking Solutions

Est. 2016

Who We Are

Upcountry is a boutique investment banking firm focused on private placements working exclusively with US-based institutional investors on both debt and equity offerings, as well as buy & sell-side mergers & acquisitions, and corporate restructurings. At Upcountry we pride ourselves on prioritizing impact investments in minority-based enterprises, health and wellness ventures, and eco-conscious efforts, all supported by advanced technologies.

The Upcountry Promise

At Upcountry, we focus on projects that are in harmony with Mother Earth. Ranging from regenerative efforts of topsoil to highly advanced green technologies, at Upcountry we aim to deliver results that benefit the greater good.

Additionally, we express a commitment to fostering environments where women support one another. The company has taken a proactive role in leading initiatives to promote gender balance and empowerment within the business landscape. This reflects Upcountry’s dedication not only to environmental sustainability but also to fostering diversity and inclusion in the professional sphere.

We are committed to delivering:





Ongoing Support

What We Offer

Private Placements

Working exclusively with institutional investors on both debt and equity offerings

Mergers & Acquisitions

Customized solutions for business creativity; financial advisory services for sell-side, and buy-side mergers and acquisitions


Delivering valuation, structuring, and financial alternatives; servicing clients on a wide range of corporate finance transactions

*Investments in private placements involve a high degree of risk and may result in a partial or total loss of your investment. Private placements are generally illiquid investments. Investors should consult with their investment, legal, and tax advisors regarding any private placement investment.*

Suzanne J. Bell

Founder & Managing Member

Quotation Mark

I spent nearly all of my early adult years in male-dominated industries: engineering, construction, and now finance. After over 30 years in the industry, I have learned to navigate this journey with divine feminine energy, co-leading without duality. I can distinctly remember walking into my upper-level math classes, or into a bidding room, only to be asked if I was lost; as I looked around I was disappointed to find less than 1% female representation in these groups. In response, I would graciously answer - “no, I know exactly where I am.” It is from those moments that the seed for Upcountry was planted and is now blooming forth as deep as the roots of a tree, with the strength of Haleakala Mountain in the Upcountry region of Maui, providing our namesake.

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Common Questions

When is my company ready to engage with an investment banker?

Engage when your company is seeking capital for expansion, contemplating mergers or acquisitions, preparing for an IPO, facing strategic challenges, or requiring valuation services.

What's the process to engage with an investment banking firm?

Define your company's objectives and conduct initial meetings to discuss your needs. Upcountry will decide if it is a mutual fit and if so, draft engagement terms will be distributed to all parties.

Let's Chat

I welcome an opportunity to connect.

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Suzanne J. Bell, Founder

Member FINRA / SIPC.

Upcountry Advisors, LLC

Maui, Hawaii


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Upcountry Advisors, LLC offers securities through Stonehaven, LLC, a Member of FINRA / SIPC. Regulatory disclosures: Disclaimers & Risks, Privacy Policy and Form CRS.